Avenue du Havre, BP. 4293, Pointe-Noire, République du Congo.


Our Career platform centralizes the positions to be filled in our Company, all trades and qualifications combined. It guarantees a fair recruitment process. We are also committed to respecting the actions carried out by UNICEF including Equality of human / woman rights and more particularly Protection and inclusion of the child .

Find out about our latest offers and expectations, from submitting your application to job interviews, to put the odds in your favor.


In order to be able to apply for a job at the SAT, certain prerequisites must be met. Internship, training and recruitment requests should be sent to: service.rh@sat-congo.com or please fill out the form on the human resources page.

  • Hold a level of studies at least equivalent to a BAC + 2 (BTS, DEUG, DUT, DEUP);
  • Have completed at least two or more academic internships in a company;
  • Have good knowledge of office automation (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT);
  • Speak and write French fluently and have a good knowledge of English;
  • Have reliable contact details (phone numbers, email address, post office box).

  • The tests:
    • Psychotechnical Test;
    • Logic Test;
    • General Knowledge Test.
  • The interviews:
    • The individual interview;
    • Group interview;
    • The collective interview;
    • Chain maintenance.

These types of interviews vary depending on whether the company is hiring managers, department heads, sales or other positions.


This is done on the basis of the provisions provided for this purpose by the convention of transport auxiliaries and assimilated by which the SAT is governed.

Our employees are our greatest strength. It is therefore natural to do everything to help our future employees to go through the recruitment stage in the best conditions.


In order to increase the skill level of its employees, SAT invests significantly (nearly 7% of the payroll) in the training of its employees (internal training, diploma training, etc. .)

Internal training

These are those provided internally by SAT employees whose knowledge and skills in specific areas of our activities are proven and recognized.

Diploma courses

These are mainly those which lead to the issuance of a graduate degree. These are training courses provided by a Professional Training Center.

Other trainings

These are generally training courses that meet a specific need expressed either by an entity, or by a line manager for its employees, or for regulatory, legal or legal requirements.

They are intended to improve the skills of employees trained in a field for which deficiencies have been identified or observed.


You are a student of a school, a university in Congo or abroad, SAT, through its internship program, gives you the possibility to make an adequacy between the theoretical knowledge and the reality of the professional world .

Academic internships:

Their role is to allow students to discover and immerse themselves in the realities of the professional world. It is also an opportunity to come and compare the theoretical lessons received with practice.

Constitution of the file
  • A request for an academic internship sent either by the candidate himself or by the institution;
  • A school certificate attesting that the student is regularly enrolled in a university education institution;
  • An internship agreement (ACPE) setting out the conditions to which the student will be subject during his internship period.
Internship period

Academic internships take place from November to March of each year.

Holiday courses: from July to September

Their role is to occupy students during the holidays by giving them the opportunity to live and be useful in a professional environment.

Constitution of the file
  • A request for a vacation internship sent by the candidate himself for the attention of the Human Resources Department.
  • A school certificate attesting that the student is at least enrolled in the final year.
Internship period

Each successful intern can only benefit from one month of internship maximum, in order to accommodate as many young people as possible.

If you wish to apply for a job, carry out an internship, academic or vacation, submit your internship request to the SAT headquarters (Avenue du Havre BP: 4293 in Pointe-Noire) or send your request via the form on page: Human Resources


All new S.A.T employees receive an orientation session that provides an overview of the general policies and procedures of the company and its activities.

This session will allow the new employee or an employee who has been assigned to a new position within the company to know the expectations of the Management with regard to the performance to be offered for his position .

While waiting for their employment contract to be filed with the ACPE, the future employee is integrated into the company.

He is introduced to his future colleagues, Head of Service and Head of Department.

All the necessary equipment is placed at its disposal to facilitate the performance of its tasks and this in good working conditions.


Besides the General Management, our company is made up of the following departments:

  • Financial Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Operations Department
  • Transit Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Legal Department
  • QHSE Department