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Stevedoring includes operations aimed at ensuring the receipt, marking and recognition on land of goods loaded or unloaded as well as their guarding, until they are loaded or delivered to the consignee. They are carried out through Accons between the boat at sea and the quay.

When the ships arrive at the dock, the goods they bring back are removed using modern equipment and new handling techniques made available by a dynamic team qualified with the necessary expertise in the field of Handling and Stevedoring.

The work is carried out by specialized workers, called Dockers . They have capitalized on a great deal of experience and proven know-how in stevedoring operations.

L’Acconage has been one of SAT Congo’s largest business sectors for several years now. Our operations refer to the operations of transport, handling, loading and unloading of goods, stowage, de-stowage, warehousing and storage of goods (Import and Export).

SAT CONGO ensures compliance with the requirements related to the handling activity in order to guarantee the performance of this operation in complete safety both for the executing staff and the equipment and for the cargo of our customers , and this as soon as possible.

For this purpose and taking into account the different issues and risks, we collect from our business partners information relating to:

  • The nature of the product;
  • The weight of the product;
  • The volume and shape of the product;
  • The layout of the product in its content;
  • The fragility and instability of the product;
  • The operation to be performed (loading, unloading, packaging, etc.);
  • The final place of deposit.

All these elements thus allow our team to establish its action plan in relation to the objectives set (product layout, determination of the maximum daily tonnage, equipment / materials required, etc.).

Our agents are instructed on the task to be performed daily in order to determine approximately the time frame of the duration of this operation.

The Handling service offered by SAT-CONGO involves :

  • Success in completing the count / tonnage;
  • Handling the cargo with as little damage as possible;
  • Respect of deadlines.

We have secure, covered, monitored and guarded warehouses 24 hours a day, some of which are located within the Port Authority of Pointe-Noire, near the container terminals. They are a practical solution for storing your products and ensuring the national or international and multimodal transit of your goods.

We store various goods (crates, pallets, heavy and bulky parcels, tools, machinery, vehicles ...) under customs control in bulk or in container.

SAT CONGO is one of the best companies in Congo operating in the field of port handling. With an experience of several years and a wide partnership around the world including DHL Global Forwarding of which we are the local representative, SAT CONGO is your reference in the field of Handling and Stevedoring in Congo.

With us your satisfaction is guaranteed.