Avenue du Havre, BP. 4293, Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo.
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This service is responsible for managing the vehicle fleet, keeps a register for all vehicles and takes delivery of new vehicles.

A maintenance department takes care of management and preventive maintenance, repairs, transfer and disposal decisions.

Types of vehicles

  • Official vehicles;
  • Service vehicles;
  • Liaison or operating vehicles (skips, tractors, trailers, delivery vehicles).

Maintenance management of vehicles

The Maintenance department is responsible for organizing periodic vehicle inspections according to the maintenance program established by the maintenance department.

Some management rules

An audit and general control department is responsible for :

  • Check, during its quarterly reviews that the vehicle logs are correctly completed;
  • Ensure that vehicles are regularly serviced which takes into account the level of use of each vehicle;
  • Check the vehicle maintenance records to ensure the adequacy of the records.

The Logistics & Transport Manager must ensure that any new acquisition of fixed assets is covered by an insurance policy, and proceed to the correct reassessment of claims covered by insurance.

Vehicle delivery

Upon delivery, the vehicle is taken care of by the logistics & transport department, it :

  • Updates administrative documents of the vehicle;
  • Archive a copy of the documents and keep duplicate keys;
  • Transmits the vehicle to the user, advising them of the rules of use.

Implementation of a Geolocation System.

From the standpoint of customer service satisfaction, geolocation allows us to ensure the proper monitoring of our vehicles. Today, thanks to geolocation, we inform the customer about all the movements of the vehicle and its location. The implementation of this system has improved the good monitoring of the vehicle fleet.

  • Currently, each vehicle in the SAT-Congo fleet is equipped with a geolocation beacon, monitoring is carried out using software called Zon max.
  • The Zon max is managed by a logistics operator who is supposed to provide all the information concerning the proper monitoring of our vehicles.
  • The logistics operator informs the hierarchy about the conduct of the drivers (speeding, unjustified delay, departure time, arrival time etc.).